For years we have provided excellence in our machining services. We are experts in our field of CNC Machining. Feel free to look at our works.

Precision Metal Machining

Conventional & CNC Turning, Milling, Boring, Cylindrical & Surface Grinding

Duplex Forging / Bronze / Cast-Iron Casting

Liner, Pump Casing, Impeller, Gear Housing

Steel Structures Fabrication

Anchor Windlass Skid, Winch Drum, Brake Bend, A-Frame


Conventional Lathe

  • turning diameters up to 1800mm
  • turning length up to 8000mm

Cylindrical Grinding

  • diameters up to 300mm
  • turning length up to 3000mm

Surface Grinding

  • work piece up to 1500mm x 2000mm

CNC Lathe

  • turning diameters up to 700mm
  • turning length up to 1500mm

CNC Machining Center

  • X axis up to 3000mm
  • Y axis up to 2000mm
  • Z axis up to 1000mm